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CPR Courses Kelowna - For individuals who are suffering from sudden cardiac arrest, an extremely acceptable option to administering mouth-to-mouth resuscitation with chest compressions is Hands Only CPR or also referred to as Hands Only Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. In the month of March 2008, studies printed in the journal "Circulation," suggested that bystanders are more likely to perform the Hands Only CPR technique because it eliminates the mouth breathing portion.

Roughly 33 percent of all the people who collapse from a cardiac arrest receive cardiopulmonary resuscitation. This estimate could be because of the fact that several bystanders are not willing to try and because so many individuals are untrained. On the other hand, Hands Only CPR is a lot easier technique and requires much less training. This option is more likely to be administered by somebody with minimum training.

The Hands Only CPR technique focuses on chest compressions as opposed to incorporating a breathing component. These chest compressions are to purely help the heartbeat. It is certainly appropriate and still suggested to get correct cardiopulmonary resuscitation training. There are several online videos available to learn the Hands Only method, that demonstrate the technique, involving giving roughly 100 chest compressions per minute. If you are however, in a real emergency where sudden cardiac arrest is suspected, a 911 operator could often help guide you through the process.

Hands Only CPR is not suggested for all situations. Like for example, it is suggested that drowning victims receive mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and that kids be given the more conventional cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Typically, the hands only technique is the best option if sudden cardiac arrest has happened. It is good to know that if you are trained in both methods, grown-ups are also likely to be rescued with the standard CPR technique, but just if the individual administering the CPR knows how to apply it properly and is very confident. If you are uncertain in any way, regular CPR as well as Hands Only CPR is an extremely acceptable alternative which seems to work in instances where sudden cardiac arrest has happened.

This newer technique of CPR can be actually applied with greater frequency, due to the elimination of the mouth-to-mouth component. People seem a lot less squeamish or uncomfortable performing chest compressions on people they don't know. Once the heart stops beating and a cardiac arrest occurs, chance of total brain death increases at a rate of 10% per minute. A heart which is not beating deprives the brain of vital oxygen. When the heart starts beating again, overall chances of survival increase significantly. This life-saving training can help bring people back from the brink.

It is essential to begin conventional or Hands Only CPR in a few seconds of somebody collapsing. Chances of survival could be greatly reduced if much time is allowed to elapse following the incident. Groups like the American Heart Association encourage individuals to get some kind of training completed. At the minimum, the Hands Only method of CPR could still save lives with people when they have a sudden cardiac arrest.

There are many training facilities available in your community. If you want to complete any kind of First Aid training, check on-line to know when the next classes in your community are being offered. Even if you have taken CPR training in the past, taking part in a refresher class is always a wise idea. Keep up to date with the training and make sure you are utilizing the correct method so you could help save lives if need be.

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CPR Training Vancouver

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