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CPR Training Kelowna - Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or called CPR for short is a process of reviving those who are suffering from respiratory arrest or cardiac arrest. The process of CPR normally combines mouth-to-mouth resuscitation along with chest compressions. There are some measures which must be taken while trying to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It is better to truly be trained in the procedure prior to trying to administer it on anybody who is in a life-threatening situation.

It is crucial to initially assess the situation before attempting the process. First make sure if the person is conscious prior to deciding whether or not they need resuscitation. It is also important to have someone call emergency help, ideally before starting the procedure. Anyone suffering from heart attack is most likely to require medical attention as soon as possible. CPR is an emergency procedure that should not take the place of supervised and thorough medical care.

You would begin to quickly prepare the individual for cardiopulmonary resuscitation if she or he is not conscious even if the right authorities were already contacted. If possible, the individual must be laying face-up, on a firm surface. Prior to beginning the process, it is better to try and situate the person in this way as much as possible so as to have the proper form and method.

It is important to keep in mind that the airways of the person you are reviving should be open and clear. Once you could ensure that the air passages are clear, the person administering the process must slightly tilt the person's chin and head back. The resuscitator must then lightly pinch the individual's nostrils closed while at the same time breathing into their mouth. This is normally done one or two times until the chest visibly rises with each administered breath.

Following the mouth-to-mouth breathing, the chest compressions should immediately follow. To be able to perform chest compressions properly, both hands are placed over the heart. At this time, apply strong pulses to the chest. Once the series of chest compressions is accomplished, they will be alternated with mouth-to-mouth breathing. The process could usually take several minutes before an individual is revived back to a conscious condition.

AEDs or also known as automatic defibrillators can be used by paramedics or medical staff to administer CPR. An AED is a computerized machine that automatically administers a shock to the heart of the person who is suffering from slowed blood flow or heart attack. This equipment stimulates the heart in order to revive the circulation of the blood.

You can contact the Red Cross or different other local health care organizations if you would like to be certified in CPR. They can tell you when the next scheduled courses in your area are. Courses will include hands-on training. In the USA, the American Heart Association should approve the course. Normally, the program would provide detailed information on the right way to administer the process safely and how to effectively help someone who is in a life-threatening situation.

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CPR Training Vancouver

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First Aid Training Vancouver

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