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Infant CPR Kelowna - By enrolling in a first aid course, new parents and grandparents could effectively prepare themselves for the arrival of a new baby. In these classes, you will be trained on how to administer different kinds of first aid to small children. These techniques could differ from the first aid you will administer to an adult.

To start with, it is important to know and acknowledge that babies could be extremely prone to illnesses and injuries. Thus, first aid for infants always involves getting professional medical care for the infant as fast as possible. Since babies have soft heads, and this means they are prone to be damaged extremely easily, it is very essential that head injuries be treated as fast as possible.

Among the most common injuries that will require first aid for babies is choking. It is vital to calmly take action right away when a kid begins to choke. When administering a Heimlich maneuver on a kid, you should use much less force than when performing the same maneuver on an adult. This is one of the types of first aid for infants that will be conducted differently than it would be for an adult.

Grab the infant and sit down. Put the infant face down on your lap with the kid's head lower than the rest of the body. Then, bring your hand down on the child's back in an effort to dislodge whatever may be stuck in the child's throat. Call 911 If after a minute or two, nothing comes out. If you suspect the airway is blocked due to an allergy, immediately contact emergency services.

Treating babies for severe cuts and bleeding is similar to treating adults. Place a clean dressing against the wound to help stop the bleeding and clot the blood. Even though direct pressure is best, be really careful not to apply too much pressure that the infant's bones or sensitive skin becomes damaged. Use iodine or any kind of antibacterial ointment to clean the wound and avoid infection. Refrain from using hydrogen peroxide as this can actually kill healthy bacteria which are responsible for helping the wound to heal.

In the event of severe burns or some type of blunt trauma, it is imperative that the child is taken to a medical care facility as fast as possible. If the infant does not respond after being struck with a solid object or falling, try not to move the child since spinal injuries may have occurred. In the event of burns, the infant would have to be kept clean and protected as there would be a more susceptibility to infections. After this has been done, remove the child from any further harm as fast as possible. These situations are essential for an infant and thus seek medical assistance quickly.

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First Aid Training Vancouver

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First Aid Training Vancouver

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