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Kelowna Emergency Medical Services - The care and treatment given to an individual suffering from injury or illness is a method known as Medical First Aid. First Aid measures range from performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR to the application of bandages. Any person can be taught how to potentially save lives by learning how to correctly perform First Aid techniques.

The initial traces of people administering First Aid could be traced back to the Religious Knights during the 11th century. At this time, these knights would tend to and care for sick and injured warriors. As time progressed, they taught numerous other knights and shared their techniques on how to care for individuals around them. These lessons will prove to be vital knowledge since many knights would succumb on the battlefield from simple injuries which could have been and later on were prevented quite easily.

As history progressed, numerous people established medical First Aid groups that were developed specially to care for common injuries. In the Civil War, a nurse named Clara Barton began to treat American soldiers and the American Red Cross came into fruition. Now, the Red Cross is still very active. There are many other groups that have been started to be able to offer First Aid to individuals who need it.

Throughout the years, medical First Aid has evolved significantly due to the the advancement of technology. Today, it is not uncommon for a portable medial kit to contain medicines, breathing barriers and specific equipment that is designed for resuscitation reasons. Medical First Aid programs teach students 3 main objectives. These goals consist of: prevent further harm, preserving life and promoting recovery.

For anyone who has received training for applying medical first aid, they are also taught the mnemonic 'ABC' for Airway, Breathing and Circulation. In every situation, First Aid must be applied in this particular order. If an individual cannot breathe, it is the job of the First Aid responder to clear their passageways. When the airways are cleared, the individual should be encouraged to breath. Last of all, the individual's circulation is stimulated.

By being able to focus on these 3 major steps, anybody administering First Aid must be able to help a person in need. In most situations, First Aid is very successful, however, there are times during life threatening situations that it might not help. First Aid certificates are given differently from nation to nation. In several places, community groups could administer First Aid programs, though this may not be the case everywhere.

If you are interested in learning more regarding First Aid, contact your local branch of the Red Cross or any similar group. First Aid should not be administered unless you have received proper training. Trying to help anybody who is going through a life threatening situation without any First Aid knowledge could be exceptionally dangerous. It is a wise idea for everyone to take the Basic First Aid training.

Different other specialized courses, like Infant or Baby cardiopulmonary resuscitation are available too. These classes are a good idea to take if you are going to be around children regularly or are welcoming a new addition into the family. Numerous parents prefer to only hire babysitters who have this training available to be able to keep their family as safe as possible.

If you got your certification a long time ago, you can still enroll in refresher classes. This is a great idea. Being up to speed and aware of the latest First Aid techniques can one day potentially save somebody's life. This is knowledge that for many of us is not utilized on a regular basis and that is the reason why taking the refresher programs and keeping your certification up to date is a great choice.

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First Aid Training Vancouver

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First Aid Training Vancouver

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