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H2S Training Kelowna - In the petroleum industry, H2S Alive has become the adopted standard. Employers have a preference to hire workers who have type of certification. The H2S program is meant and designed for anyone who would like to work within the petroleum business or who is now working in it.

The goal of H2S Alive is to prepare workers to not only know the hazards of H2S, but to be able to perform a basic rescue in any incident that involves H2S and to be able to protect themselves. The class is a combination of theory and practice. Each student learns to administer rescue techniques along with rescue breathing and to utilize breathing apparatus and detector tube devices.

Enform H2S Alive is an 8 hour program which is recognized by every company which is involved in the mainstream oil and gas industry. The H2S Alive course is considered by Oil Companies as adequate training for companies that need contractors and employees to have training in Hydrogen Sulphide. Students who successfully accomplish the course requirements are given a wallet sized, temporary 90 day certificate. Around 30 days afterward, a plasticized card arrives from Enform and this certificate is good for 3 years.

The 6th Edition of the H2S Alive course includes sections such as: Supplied Air Breathing Apparatus or SABA, Properties of H2S, Initial Response Strategy, H2S Locations, Operating Detector Tube Devices, SCBA or Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, Approved Respiratory Protective Equipment, Health Hazards, Electronic Monitors, CPR, After-Use Inspection of Breathing Apparatus, Rescue Techniques, Case Studies, Wearing and Operating Breathing Apparatus.

Effective learning is verified by giving practical exams. The trainee must show proficiency with all of the equipment. Each and every piece has to be shown and there is a following short answer written exam. The instructors of H2S Alive take much care to make sure that everyone achieves 70% that is necessary to pass the written test. Help with written exam or oral exams could be also arranged.

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First Aid Training Vancouver

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