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First Aid Training Kelowna - The "ABC" of First Aid is a mnemonic which was meant to assist people recall the best way to react to an emergency condition if a person is injured. There are numerous other variants on the ABC of First Aid and numerous other mnemonics exist. This is almost certainly the most popular one and the most effective one for lay people to remember easily. The letters represent Airway, Breathing and Circulation, which are also known as the vital signs. If all of these vital signs are checked and addressed, a patient has a much higher possibility of surviving until qualified assistance arrives on the scene.

Before you could assist anybody, you should first check for any kind of danger in a situation and there are some emergency services that utilize the DRABC option instead. The DR means Danger and Response, meaning that individuals must first examine the patient and the environment so as to ensure that there is no source of present physical danger. Like for example, when there is an unconscious patient next to a live wire, they should make sure the patient could be moved out of the way or that the live wire is turned off in order to keep the rescuer and others on the scene safe too.

You should check the airway of the patient. This is the first thing that you must do when you use the ABC of First Aid. If somebody is suffering from a blockage in their throat, they will be unable to breathe. If the patient is conscious, you could ask the patient speaks to you. If they are unresponsive or unconscious, lift the chin of the patient and tilt their head back. Be sure to perform these tasks very carefully, since if there are any neck or spinal injuries, they can be aggravated accidentally with any manipulation of the head. Sweep the back of the mouth with a finger to be able to check for any obstructions if you think that the person might have a compromised airway.

The second step is to check if the patient is breathing. Place your face close to the patient's mouth. Listen and feel for any signs of breathing. If the patient is breathing, you might be able to see the breath condense on a small mirror. If the patient is not breathing, listening to the ABC of First Aid, you must treat the problem before moving onto the next step. Now it is time to perform rescue breathing and cardiopulmonary resuscitation until the patient starts to breath once again.

Last but not the least, you should also check the flow of the patient. This can be accomplished by monitoring the patient's pulse at the throat or at the wrist. In addition, pay close attention to the patient's color. If there seems to be a splotchy area or they have a pallid colour it suggests that their flow could be compromised. It is really important to keep the patient warm. By adhering to the ABC of First Aid, you could ensure that the basic needs of the patient have been maintained. This will allow you to move onto more of a general treatment.

If each one of the steps of the ABC First Aid have been satisfied, responders can complete a more thorough and general evaluation of the patient. This would allow them to see the severity and extent of the injuries at hand. It is essential that responders are constantly monitoring the patient's vital signs when they are working on somebody. They should ensure that the individual remains stable. The ABC of First Aid can at this point potentially diverge into a wide array of options depending on the condition of the patient. If you are the first individual on the scene, and you have no formal medical First Aid training simply focus on the ABC of First Aid. If there are any noticeable bleeding sights, apply strong pressure. Use a blanket or your jacket to help keep the individual warm.

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First Aid Training Vancouver

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First Aid Training Vancouver

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