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First Aid Course Kelowna - In Canada, First Aid certificates could be issued under one of 4 training groups which authorize the providers of the program to give their particular "brand" of First Aid training. These types of organizations are offered nationwide, in 3 territories and 10 provinces. They are Canadian Ski Patrol, Canadian Red Cross Society, the Royal Lifesaving Society of Canada and St. John Ambulance.

For the general public, First Aid classes comprise the "Standard First Aid" where in "Emergency First Aid" and CPR are included. Nevertheless, more specialized training are also provided by most of these organizations. For example, life guards and the Lifesaving Society offer "Aquatic Emergency Care. St. John Ambulance offers the "Wilderness First Aid" course. The Canadian Red Cross Society has first aid programs that meet regulations for child care worker employment as well as the first aid training which meets regulations for first aid attendants who are hired on the jobsite.

Workplaces can fall under occupational safety and health insurance regulations that are federal, like air, rail or marine transportation or provincial such as construction sites. These national first aid training organizations provide first aid training which meets the particular training standards, requirements and syllabi set by either a certain federal regulatory requirement or else by a particular province. For example, commercial aviation first aid for air transport crew, such as pilots and airline flight attendants. Also, the maritime business offers first aid for officers, and ship's crew.

Certification which meets provincial workplace standards could also be issued by some private companies that offer First Aid training. These kinds of companies should be accredited and authorized by the relevant provincial regulatory ministry or agency. The British Columbia provincial Workers Compensation Board, Worksafe BC sets out Occupational First Aid or OFA training and certification standards and requirements at 3 levels varying from 8 to up to over 40 hours.

There are programs which offer more than just the essential "first aid' training and certification. These further classes consist of "emergency medical responder," "first responder," and "paramedic" as well as other titles and are standards for "pre-hospital care". Like for example, paramedical personnel and fire-rescue personnel provide care which reaches far beyond "first aid." A police officer might not be required to hold a pre-hospital care first aid ticket and just need to have a first aid ticket as part of their current qualification. The military train in pre-hospital emergency care and first aid that is oriented to military combat conditions and similar environments.

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First Aid Training Vancouver

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First Aid Training Vancouver

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